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At JRS Custom Designs, we strive to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience possible. Our policies are to ensure that all work is agreed upon before we start cutting/printing. 

If work has been changed by the customer and results in more time and material, this will be charged to the customer. 

Bespoke agreed work, will not be refunded if the customer changes their mind.

Damages and incorrect products will be corrected by us within 14 days on receiving them by the customer. 

Returns will include an investigation and once agreed - refund payments are sent within 2 weeks. 

Failure to collect your ordered products within 14 days will result in the product either being destroyed, re-used or sold on. we can't hold onto products due to limited space. 

All work will be started once payment is received, as the material is cut to make the products and cannot be reused. This will be decided at the manager's discretion.

Postal problems where we have proof of postage and sent everything as agreed will not be down to us to refund if negligence has been caused by a third party total service.

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